Leah pushed me to achieve things in my workouts that I’d never have done on my own. I left every workout feeling exhilarated and ready to tackle my day.
— Andy B. - Male, Software Engineer, SF
I was at my heaviest weight, out of shape, uncomfortable in my clothes and disgusted by what I had let happen to my body. I joined a gym. I was recovering from a calf injury and Leah specializes in corrective exercise so I was referred to her.

Leah has helped me completely transform my body. Within six months of working out with Leah, I was 25 pounds lighter, I had lost inches everywhere and went from a size 10 to a size 6. I have shed fat, developed muscle tone and definition and I am the strongest and fastest I’ve been in a long time. Her knowledge about the body, proper technique, nutrition, hydration, stretching and sleep have helped me immensely.

Her excellent communication skills, high expectations, empowering words and flexibility makes her an amazing personal trainer. I am very grateful to have met Leah. She is a lovely person who is kind and patient. I am more confident today because of her.
— Mary - Female, Speech Language Pathologist, Oakland
I worked with Leah for over a year which overlapped with my wedding. She is an incredible trainer and inspiring person. Leah assessed my fitness level and timeline for hitting my fitness goals, then put together a comprehensive plan to hit them. I dropped 8 pounds, went from 24% body fat to 17%, and was able to squat well over my body weight, a personal best. I also felt great at my wedding. I looked forward to my sessions with her and would highly recommend her to others who are ready to get in shape!
— Claire P. - Female, Software Engineer & Athlete, SF
Leah is a great coach and helped me transform my body and mind in ways I never thought possible.
— Shaun P. - Male, Digital Designer, New York
I worked with Leah for two years to improve my strength, flexibility and posture. It was hard to keep in shape while I was growing a startup to 55 people as its founding CEO and also getting married. Leah did a phenomenal job as my trainer. I lost weight for my wedding, received compliments on my improved posture, and overall felt much more fit all around. In addition, she has a great personality and positive attitude, traits that are especially important in a trainer. If I didn’t move out of the Bay Area, I would still be working with her!
— Matt P. - Male, CEO & Marathon Runner, SF
Leah is not only an encouraging coach on how to train your body to become stronger, she is an excellent educator on how to properly nourish your body. Once you train with her, you can’t go back to the way you used to live. Your body will thank you for investing in time with Leah.
— Courtney M. - Female, Future Psychologist, Berkeley
Leah Recania was very crucial in helping me achieve my fitness goals to lose weight and run marathons. For one year Leah paid attention, listened to what I wanted to do and worked on designing a training program to compliment my marathon schedule. It was well worth the time and money since I went from around 260 pounds, 40% body fat, bad food and drinking habits to a lean 170 pounds and 20% body fat supported by a healthy diet. I am a runner now with lots of Half-Marathons and 2 Full Marathons - so far :) - under my belt in 2 years. I run at least 20 miles per week keeping my weight, waist size while keeping staying happy and comfortable in my own skin.
— Edgar N. - Male, Marathon Runner, SF
I have only been training with Leah for one month. Just by looking at me you would think, “Oh, she’s fine. There is nothing to lose on her body.” Maybe just by looking at me that’s true, but my body was saying something differently. I was tired, body fatigue, joints tight and painful. Not only that, being a mother of four and an artist (singer/actor/songwriter/teacher) I needed energy and good health more than ever. Leah was right there to listen to my concerns, my goals, and to help to develop a strategic plan to get the job done. She had a meal plan for me to start, meal replacement shakes, vitamins, as well as exercises and daily twenty minute walks to get me started gradually. This allowed my body to conform to its new life style without becoming frustrated due to the lack of time in my daily schedule. It has definitely been a challenge, but with Leah’s calm but fierce nature, she helps settle my nerves as well as pushes me, even when I feel I can’t go any further.

Thank you, Leah, for a great start to my new life as a healthy mother and thriving artist! I look forward to seeing more amazing results in the months to come!
— Quinese A. - Female, Artist & Mom, Oakland
I’m so excited with my results I have received training with Leah. She is amazing at what she does. When I started training with Leah I was unmotivated and lacked structure but I knew I wanted to see change in problematic areas of my body. She heard my concerns equipped me with workouts, meal plans and homework to help me reach my goal. I am so happy with the results and plan to continue build on what she has helped me accomplish. Thank you Leah for being such a hard worker and a blessing.
— Paisley L. - Female, small business owner, Oakland
So when my dear friend Leah asked me for a testimonial about my body I absolutely wanted to do it. Little did she know I wanted a way to thank her and what better way than to express my gratitude in my Body Testimony.

The reason I say Testimony is because there is evidence of proof. A lot of times why we say “I have a testimony” is because there is Evidence of Proof. So for all of you who desire evidence of proof then you need a testimony. Biblically God has transformed my life in so many ways - there is that “proof” again.

One of the many reasons I chose to go to Leah for this is because when I came to her I was embarrassed as I assume most people are when their bodies aren’t where they want it to be. Please tell me I’m not the only one. Anyways I knew her already and knew she was into fitness saw her post some things other Instagram and got so much inspiration. What I loved about Leah is I loved her as a person so I automatically felt comfortable to go to her when it came to my body. She was more then happy to help me out. We started out with me simply expressing what my goals were and discussed how we could meet them. Over time the benefits of fitness goes hand in hand of what you put into your body. Treating your body as a temple as I believe God desires all of us to do. I’m not trying to be overly spiritual I’m just simply expressing my “evidence of proof” here for you.

As I began my body started to transform in a way I never thought. I went from feeling sluggish all the time and going up and down with working out. To being absolutely consistent. Now was I perfect the whole time? No way! Yet, consistency is key. I’ve learned from Leah that your results don’t all come at once. You need to have faith and strength that you can do this and get what you ultimately want for your body. Every body is different but like that old saying “The proof is in the pudding” You can see the difference in my life. I hope my story encourages you to step out and “Be the change” or be that “Evidence of Proof” in your own life.
— Alexis S. - Female, Youth Leader & Worship Leader, Hawaii

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