Hi friends! I’m Leah and 5 years ago in 2014, I turned my passion into a profession. I am a NASM certified personal trainer and my style of training combines conventional weight lifting with fun and creative unconventional movement. Whatever your personal goals are, I want to help you go beyond achieving them and help you learn to make fitness a sustainable lifestyle.


45-minute private consultation

First things first. Let's meet in person or over the phone to talk about your over all health and fitness goals and any current struggles. From there we will make a game plan together.


1-1 Private Coaching

Currently, there are limited spots for private training. Sometimes, working out is the only "you time" you get and you deserve the one-on-one attention. 


Partner Training

Fitness is an investment. Why not make it a fun one? Training with a friend makes working out even more fun. Whether your goals are similar or you just want to have your bestie by your side, I’ve got you both covered.