I get it. Valentine’s day is another reminder that you are very, and maybe not so happily, single. Being single isn’t easy and most of us don’t enjoy it. Or at least enjoy it the way we should. But this post isn’t about being single. If you need help on finding joy in your singleness you can refer back to my series on being single here.

And just so we’re clear. I’m not going to sit here and pretend that being single is all sunshine and rainbows either. Because it’s not and it’s not suppose to be. But dear heart, Valentine’s Day isn’t just about whether or not you are single. It’s a day to simply celebrate love.


But Leah how can I celebrate such a thing without a special SOMEONE?

Oh but darling, how can you NOT??

Forget the extravagance. Valentine’s day is a day meant for love, simply. It’s not about the hallmark cards, the heart shaped box of chocolates or the one dozen red roses. Sweet babes, you don’t need a special someone to celebrate today. Love comes in many forms. It’s in the text you send to your parents saying "thank you for raising me." It’s found in the early morning greeting you give to your coworkers when you first arrive. It’s inside the support you give to your best friend that says "I’m always here for you." It’s even in the quiet moments looking at yourself in the mirror speaking words of affirmation that contradict every negative self-talk. Because how can we expect someone else to love us if we don’t first love ourselves.


Valentine’s Day is not about the fancy dinner reservations, the lip locking selfies, or even the "violets are blue" poems. Valentine’s day is a day to remember love and an excuse to exhaust it in celebration. 1 Corinthians 3:13 says, 

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

The GREATEST of these is LOVE

Think about it. We celebrate a new year, our national independence, thanksgiving and Christmas. We celebrate easter, presidents day and labor day. Heck, we even celebrate things like national burger day…(and the vegan in me cringes).

Friends, if the bible says the greatest of all is love the least we could do is take a whole day to honor such a gift. Valentine’s Day was named after a Roman saint who was thrown in jail and eventually crucified for love. He freaking died for LOVE! (Read on the history of this great saint here.)

So please dear ones, don’t take this day to be drenched in emotions of feeling sorry for being single. Don’t overlook this day because you don’t have a special someone. Instead, join me in celebrating a day dedicated to the greatest power of all. Love.

What does Valentine's Day mean to you? How are you choosing to celebrate love? Comment below! 


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