Hi friends :)

Yesterday was such a fun day. I decided Sunday is better spent with family. I mentioned last week how diverse my church is and here you can visually experience that truth. It reminds me that our God doesn't see color or differences. We are all His beloved children. And truly, His love brings unity in some of the most diverse places. 

What a gift to have friends who you can call family. And it's so vital to have such people in your life to help you sustain and grow in your faith walk. People who will laugh with you, pray for you and love you right where you are in every season. Also people who will drink coffee in hipster cafes and post boomerangs on Instagram until your phone dies :)

Overall, Sunday reminds me that being a Christian is just fun. It's so much more than that, but it is so much fun. 

Enjoy these photos of my beautiful brothers and sisters. Then scroll below to see outfit deets of course.

Love love love! 


Before we had coffee at Trouble in West Oakland, we had lunch on Grand Ave and stopped at the best flower shop Brother & Sisters Flower Shop. I am obsessing over all things hipster, my mauve thermal from H&M and Cafe Con Panna (just order it for yourself at Trouble). 

Boots: DSW

Jeans: Topshop

Thermal: H&M Men's Section - Not the exact one I'm wearing, but close enough. The men's section has really been my go to lately.

Jean Jacket: Nordstrom

Prescription Glasses: Men's section (duh...) at my optometrist's office 2011 (retrooo)