Happy Sunday, lovelies!

Wasn't today simply beautiful? I've been so happy to see the sun the last couple days.

After church, we had a prayer team meeting and I wish I took photos so you guys can see the amount of love that was present. It was the greatest part of my day. One of the many things I love about my church is how diverse it is. People of all background, cultures and experiences. It's the most beautiful thing to witness such a group of people gather and pray together. That's the thing about being a Jesus follower, it doesn't matter who you are, we will always have this One thing in common - His love. His love can bring unity in the most diverse places. 

Prayer lasted for about another hour and by then I was ready to eat lunch. Lemonade is one of my favorite places to eat. The choices are fairly healthy and the food is ready to eat immediately. Not to mention their sugar-free cucumber mint lemonade is super refreshing! I got to enjoy time with my sissy and our new friend, Mondy. Mondy is originally from Tennessee, has only been in SF for 6 months and came to our church just two weeks ago! It was such a fun day with these two ladies.

Enjoy the photos below and keep scrolling for outfit deets!

Meet Mondy! She's an ambitious and brave young woman with a pure and beautiful heart.

Meet Mondy! She's an ambitious and brave young woman with a pure and beautiful heart.

Hi, sissy!

Hi, sissy!

Okay you guys, I am kind of obsessing over this shade of blue on my lips. For one, blue is my favorite color and two, the shade happens to be considered a "deep sapphire" and sapphires are my favorite gemstone! Also, I did enjoy today's outfit because it was so comfortable and still made me feel like I was put together (I couldn't do the heels today because my last leg day really killed me!) Lastly, if you saw my IG post on this outfit, you saw my caption. I wasn't the only one wearing all black today and it was kind of cool that a lot of us showed up to church today like it was planned. But it wasn't. We're just cool. Or so I like to think ;)

Lips: Who's Zoomin' Who (Matte Deep Sapphire) by Too Faced

Neck: I got these set from H&M but you could also do a cool layering effect with these here: H&M

Vegan Leather Jacket: mine is currently sold out, so similar and less expensive one is here: Nordstrom

Topshop Black Tunic Tee: Similar one here: Nordstrom

I feel like you can get black ripped jeans just about anywhere now. Mine are also Nordstrom Topshop. Shoes are also sold out but I looove these ones by Jeffrey Campbell at Urban Outfitters

Have a blessed week, dear friends!