Happy Sunday!

On my way to church this morning I was thinking about why people would dress up for Sunday service. I know that years before, it was a religious standard for men and women to dress a certain way. Nowadays, people come to church dressed up and dressed down. It's a come as you are kind of thing and I love that. Church isn't about religious standards but first and foremost a place where God's love is found. The fact that you can show up to church just as you are and be welcomed just as you are spells L-o-v-e to me! 

Then of course, I asked myself why I personally decide to dress up for church now (I was once the girl who mainly dressed down, keeping it cute and cas'!). And actually, if I shared it all here, it would be too much. So, stay tuned for future post on faith and fashion and why I believe in the merging of both. In the mean time, let's just say my main reason is Jesus. I get up and put my very best together on Sunday because I love Jesus and I can't wait to meet Him at church.

Just think of all the times when you date someone, how much effort you put in to getting ready and putting yourself together all for another human being (especially on the first couple dates). But if God is our everything, how much more should we put that effort to present ourselves in such a way that reflects what He has done for us, how He has transformed and healed us and how He makes us new each and everyday. I mean, seriously!

Any way, keep scrolling to find out where to get similar pieces for this Tuxedo-inspired look!

I was following a couple of my favorite style bloggers during their time at NYFW and one of the styles I fell in love with is the classic white button-up look. How timeless has this piece been in many of our own closets? White button-up shirts are so versatile and easily can tie your whole outfit together in a stylish and sophisticated way. I chose to wear mine to complete my otherwise all-black outfit and turn it into a female version tuxedo.

Outfit deets:

This black bomber has been my go-to since I bought it on my birthday last March. I found it at one my favorite shops in the city from Denim & Soul on Union St.

You have also seen these vegan leather leggings and black booties from December's Velour & Velvet post.

I literally use this Marc Jacobs Nylon Biker Backpack nearly everyday. It has lasted me all winter season and I am not the most gentle when it comes to bags. I have filled this thing nearly to the brim with my laptop, study bible, change of gym clothes and post work out snacks! Not only is it super cute and stylish but it's very practical too.

And the white button-up was actually my dad's :) but you can find one here at H&M. I prefer men's because even as the shorty that I am, I like longer coverage - especially for church.

Red lips is Ruby Woo from MAC. Any red lip liner will do, just make sure you use one ;)

Til we meet again, loves!