It was Christmas sweater Sunday at church today. So, I chose a very festive oversized burgundy piece. No one said it had to be ugly... *shrugs* 

But hey, did you know there is a difference between velour and velvet? It's okay, most people don't and up until recently, I didn't either. Scroll down to find out which piece I'm wearing is velour and which one is velvet. 


After church, we went to visit my aunt who lives in the Portola District of San Francisco. I think this is such an awesome area because I love how much history is here. Just appreciating the old asphalt paving the streets and the homes of original San Franciscans reminds me of the unique beauty of my favorite city. 

This is one of my favorite outfits so far. This over-sized sweater is super cozy and warm. And the rest of the outfit, including the booties are so comfortable. After visiting auntie, we went Christmas shopping and I was so thankful to be able to go through my whole day without any discomfort.

Below are a some different places to buy similar pieces. 

(PS - burgundy is all the vibes this winter!)

1. Oversized Velour Hoodie in Women (Nordstrom) and Men's (ASOS): 



2. Vegan Leather Leggings:


3. Velvet Booties: 


4. Rhinestone Choker:

Nasty Gal

5. Matte Burgundy-ish Lip Color:


With Love,